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Speed 45km/h
Wheel size 90/90-12 Rim:2.15*12 / 120/70 Rim:3.5*12
Motor 1800 W
Battery capacity 29Ah
Battery voltage 60V
Battery type Li-ion
Range 50-80 km
Brakes 220 mm Dual-Piston Hydraulic Disk / 180 mm Hydraulic Disc
Charging time 7h
Max load 269kg
Gross mass 97kg
Vehicle dimensions 1130*1800*700 mm
Set Charger
Sitting/standing Sitting

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Breakthrough In Power Management

In real-time, the FOC is monitoring the overall electricity demand on the system so that the BOSCH motor performs at a peak level while efficiently using all resources available.

To enhance overall vehicle performance, the Electric Brake System (EBS) and FOC optimize power conservation and output, effectively recycling power during certain periods of braking and limiting power output during select periods of acceleration.

We have been able to reduce braking distances by up to 60% and recycle 6% of the battery capacity back into the system through our intelligent braking system.

Lithium-ion Revolution

The NIU NQi-Series is using state of the art lithium-ion battery packs by Panasonic with a two-year guarantee. Weighing in at only 10kg (22lbs.), you can easily carry the NIU battery for in-home/office re-charging. The 29aH battery pack is fully re-charged in six hours, providing an 50-70km range, or about four typical days of urban commuting.

LCD Smart Dashboard

The NIU Smart Dash provides basic diagnostics in a quick-view form so a rider can see at a glance their speed, remaining battery capacity and their real-time amperage (how much strain they are putting on the battery).

Dual Hydralic Disc Brakes

Braking distance reduced by more than 50%

The NIU brakes are engineered from a high-manganese steel composite, lubricated with BOSCH brake fluid, and equipped with a threaded brake line to extend the life of the entire system

Electronic Braking System (EBS)

The Intelligence behind the braking.

Not only does the EBS make your ride more safe, it also recycles energy back into the system. On average the EBS provides an additional 6% of battery power, or 4km of riding range.

All LED lamps

The iconic NQi-Series headlamp is more than just a statement. The all-new unibody lamp integrates a daytime running light and standard light that takes advantage of the unique 360 degree CCFL structure combined with our LED “bead” lamps, providing an ultra-wide arc of light for improved vision and safety at night.

Additionally, we have employed a TechnoLED lamp structure that seamlessly integrates a rear light, turning indicators, brake light, and license plate lamp. The structure is both unique to NIU, and more importantly provides added visibility for night driving.


Optimized Seat Storage

Under the seat you will find 18.9 litres of storage capacity, making it easy to stow your helmet, small bags, and basic items for when you are on the go.

High-Strength Alloy Steel

Beyond the robotic-arm assisted welding, the NQi-Series frame and chasis undergo a number of processes to increase strength and long term durability. We use a painting technology known as electrophoresis that ensures consistency while simultaneously creating an additional layer between the steel-alloy and external elements. The surface goes through an additional process known as phosphating and electrostatic spraying that builds the final barrier between the frame and corrosive elements.

Impossibly Tough

A Titanium Core

We use a Titanium-alloy to build our swing-arm. Titanium has allowed us to increase the tensile and twisting strength by nearly 50% while simultaneously reducing the NQi-Series curb weight.

A Barrier to Water and Dust

All of the onboard components susceptible to water and dust have been fitted with IP65* grade protective gear. Components like the battery pack, motor controller, power converter, head lamp, dash board, and many others have been equipped with protectants so you can be certain that you are safe while on the road. Even our electronic brakes are performance rated up to 230mm of water.

High-Performance Tires

Performance and style

We employ a unique tread design that adds a layer of safety when driving on either wet or dry roadways. The central and radial channels enable a naturally straighter ride while simultaneously helping to deflect and push water away from the tires during heavy rains.

A Smart NIU

Connected and Smart

Real-time GPS / Anti-theft Alert + Alarm / Real-time diagnostics / Service Station Directory

In a world of connected devices, we asked why are scooters disconnected from the cloud? We set out to change this.


Peace of Mind

With built-in GPS tracking all NIU scooters will immediately send an alert to the NIU Cloud when an unauthorized movement of the bike occurs, instantaneously alerting the owner of the theft and providing constant location status updates.

Service Center

Repair Shops

Around the Corner

The NIU Cloud is global in reach but provides local service. All authorized service providers are just a tap away. With one touch dialing and instant navigation, NIU riders can remedy a flat tire in minutes. This service is available in select markets

Smart Data.

Smart Rider.

For the more tech savvy rider, the NIU Cloud is always connected and aggregating useful data on riding history. Riders can also easily access our customer service manual for any issues at hand.

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