electric skateboard SXT Board GT


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799,00 € tax incl.

Data sheet

Nominal power of the engine/motors (W) 700
Design speed (km/h) 42
Battery type Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Battery voltage (V) 42V
Range (km) 25km
Battery capacity (Ah) 6
Charging time (h) 2
Brake system Electromagnetic
Weight (kg) 7
Maximum load (kg) 110
Water resistance (IP) IP55
Vehicle dimensions (mm) 940*230*140
OTHER Charger, remote control, tool kit, USB charging cable

More info

The deck of the SXT Board GT is ultra-flexible thanks to its construction made of 8-layer hard rock maple. In order to further increase driving comfort, it is also concave so that it adapts optimally to the feet. The total deck length is 94 cm at a total weight of 7 kg only.

To ensure excellent driving properties, we use Caliber ™ II trucks on the front of the SXT Board GT, and a 7-inch MD truck specially designed for the SXT Board GT is used on the rear. Together, these components enable excellent driving characteristics with top performance even at top speeds, which ensures smooth and stable driving behavior.

The focus of the SXT Board GT in connection with the 96mm wheels is only 110 mm. Together with the 275mm wide deck, this enables a very stable and safe standing position. When the wear limit is reached, all 4 wheels are easy to replace, keeping the cost of changing the wheels to an absolute minimum. Wheels with 83mm and also with 96mm diameter can be mounted. The rear wheels have a steel core on the inside to avoid vibrations during driving. The wheel hardness is 80A SHRAA.

Both brushless hub motors of the SXT Board GT deliver 350W each. In conjunction with the Turbo mode, they accelerate the e-longboard up to 42 km/h. Turbo mode is available for up to 30 seconds and can be used again after a 30-second cooling down phase.
Why do we use hub motors and not belt drives? Since dirt, sand, dust, stones & water are whirled up and thrown directly against the motors when using Eskateboards, we use the fully encapsulated hub motor drives to prevent foreign bodies or, for example, water from penetrating them and impairing motor performance or even causing a total failure, as well high maintenance requirements. Another advantage is that hub motors work practically noiselessly, while a relatively high noise level can practically not be avoided with belt drives due to their function.

Remote control
The remote control is a 2.4 GHZ wireless R2 control unit with integrated OLED display, which reliably maintains communication between the longboard and handheld transmitter. In addition to acceleration and braking, the remote control also controls the Turbo mode, which is available for 30 seconds. But beware! Extreme accelaration power of + 20% is then available here.
The OLED display provides information about the current driving mode, whether Eco mode 19 km/h, Sport mode up to 38 km/h or Turbo mode up to 42 km/h. The state of charge of the main battery of the longboard and the state of charge of the battery in the handheld transmitter are also monitored. If the board's state of charge is running low, the remote control warns of this via a vibration alarm. Further displayed values ​​are speed, km driven, Turbo mode availability and cruise control mode.

Power supply
A high-performance lithium battery is installed inside the SXT Board GT. Thanks to its sophisticated BMS (Battery Management Systems), even with a fully charged battery, full braking is possible without the battery being damaged. Each individual Samsung 30Q lithium ion cell is safely protected from the vibrations and shocks that occur and thus enables a constant discharge current of up to 30A with a total capacity of 6.0 Ah / 216 Wh at max. voltage of 42V. The energy that occurs when braking is fed back into the battery, insofar as it is not already fully charged.

Water and dust protection
The SXT Board GT is completely waterproof and dustproof (IP55). All individual components such as the battery and electronic control are encapsulated and sealed with special materials, so that there are no limits to their use even under the most adverse conditions.

Electronic high-voltage system
Due to the new architecture, the further developed & modified control electronics of the GT board enable extremely constant acceleration as well as buttery braking.