electric scooter XIAOMI Mi PRO2 (8.5")


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Data sheet

Nominal power of the engine/motors (W) 300
Drivetrain Front
Max motor power (W) 600
Speed limiter Ne
Design speed (km/h) 25
Wheel size (') 8.5
Tyre type With inner tube
Battery type Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Battery voltage (V) 36V
Range (km) 45
Battery capacity (Ah) 12.8
Battery capacity (Wh) 474
Charging time (h) 9
Brake system Priekinis elektroninis stabdis, galinis diskinis stabdis
Weight (kg) 14.2
Maximum load (kg) 100
Lights Front, rear, stop
Smart APP Yes
Water resistance (IP) IP54
Max Gradient (°) 20
Vehicle dimensions (mm) 1130x430x1180
Package dimensions (mm) 1150*540*200
OTHER Charger, tool kit, manual

More info


Central controls designed for a better riding experience
Easy to control, try and you will know

Multifunctional dashboard

Real-time display of 8 kinds of data: speed, speed mode, power, lock status and other driving information at a glance

Comfortable extended grip

The handlebar is made of TPR material for a more comfortable grip which can effectively improve the driving experience.

Sensitive hand throttle

The hand throttle's moderate resistance and timely feedback make driving speed easier to control and the acceleration smoother.

One button, multiple functions

Intuitive controls, one button, multiple functions: Not only does the button turn the power on and off, it can also be used to switch between speed modes and to turn the headlights on and off.*


Front and back double braking system

Shorter braking distance for safer driving

The back wheel uses a large perforated brake disc with more braking power while the front wheel is equipped with an E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system. When braking, the front and rear braking systems activate one after another, shortening the braking distance ensuring safe stopping.


A new generation of 8.5" pneumatic tires

More comfortable, less bumpy

The puncture resistance and robustness have been comprehensively improved and the performance of the explosion-proof tires has also been greatly optimized. The durability of the 8.5" tires has been increased by up to 3 times. Not only does it make for a smooth ride on flat roads, it is also very comfortable to ride on non-paved roads like gravel, dirt roads, and grass.


2W ultra šviesus žibintas

Elektriniame paspirtuke įmontuotas priekinis 2W žibintas, kuris ne tik šviesesnis nei praėjusiame modelyje, tačiau ir platesnio spektro, tad važiuojant - neblaško. 


Upgraded tail light

Bigger and brighter

When the headlight is turned on, the tail light will automatically turn on. When the brake lever is pressed, the tail light will blink to alert pedestrians and vehicles behind you. The tail light also has a rear reflector function to ensure safe driving.


Adding front, side and rear reflectors

Higher visibility, greater safety

Reflectors have been added on the front, on the sides, and to the tail light, further enhancing night visibility to keep you safe while riding at night.

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